Australia’s Sizeable Vaccination Problem

by AnonymousImage: Pexels Free Images As we make our way into the 18th month of the coronavirus pandemic, the world is beginning to see an end in sight. With more than 10 pharmaceutical companies currently in the process of manufacturing vaccines or working towards approval, there is hope that normal (pre-2020) life will soon begin again. Countries across the globe have jumped at the opportunity … Continue reading Australia’s Sizeable Vaccination Problem

Australia’s Shocking Pandemic

by AnonymousImage: Pexels Free Photos Australia’s Shocking Pandemic Another pandemic has hit Australia but this time it is not something that can be solved by washing your hands or wearing a mask. Rather, it has spread through schools, households and most notably, the Australian Government. The pandemic of discussion is one comprised of sexual assault and misconduct that has been brought to light in recent … Continue reading Australia’s Shocking Pandemic